Album Spotlight: Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi)’s Un tema: Tante variazioni (1971/1972)

Around 1971 or 1972, Stefano Torossi released Un tema: Tante variazioni under the alias “Fotriafa,” the second of a trilogy of library music albums released on Italy’s tiny Lupus Records’ label. The sixteen-track LP of original compositions includes “Domani,” “La papera,” “Notte violenta,” “Balletto,” “America, America,” “Trombe a ventaglio,” “Ridarello,” “Mantecato,” and “Sud America.”

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) - Un tema: Tante variazioni (1970s) Lupus Records

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) – Un tema: Tante variazioni (early 1970s) Lupus Records

Eight versions of Stefano Torossi’s “Domani” open the album, including a trombone solo, a guitar solo, a flute solo, and the sixth, an organ solo.

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi)’s “Domani (VI versione),” featuring an organ solo, is on SoundCloud:

As all three of Stefano Torossi’s Lupus LPs from the early 1970s, including Qualche tema lungo and Tensione e distensione, were released in limited numbers and never reissued, copies are now virtually impossible to find. A few tracks have leaked out to the Internet, however, and at least one Torossi composition, “Notte violenta,” appeared on a compilation,  Suono libero Volume 2, an album from Italian label La Douce released in vinyl in 1997 and again in 1998, in both vinyl and compact disc.

Suono libero Volume 2 (1997)

Suono libero Volume 2 (1997) La Douce

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi)’s “Notte violenta” is on YouTube:

Like many composers active in the music industry in the 1960s and 1970s, Stefano Torossi resorted to using an alias when contractual language prevented him from using his real name. “Fotriafa” was first used on I Marc 4’s 1970 eponymous release on Nelson Records (GLP 1005) and Guerra di cielo, di mare, di terra, a 1971 LP on Octopus Records. Torossi also used “Farlocco” for three albums released on Amedeo Tommasi’s Rotary Records in 1974, which unlike the three Fotriafa albums, have all now been reissued and are available as digital downloads, with Tecnologia and Jazz Video also released in CD by Arison.

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) - Una tema tante variazioni (early 1970s) Lupus Records back

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) – Una tema: Tante variazioni (early 1970s) Lupus Records back

Stefano Torossi’s “Mantecato,” officially credited to Fotriafa, is online:

With labels like Beat Records Company, Cinedelic Records, Cometa Edizioni Musicali, Dagored, GDM, Penny Records, and SONOR Music Editions all recently reissuing classic Italian library and soundtrack albums from the 1970s, this correspondent is hopeful more of Stefano Torossi’s out of print music will soon see the light of day, albums like Telemusica N. 1 (early 1970s) and Ora Beat! (early 1970s) on Italy’s Metropole Record, Non tutto ma di tutto (1971) on Flirt Records, Beat in Ampex (1972), with Ugo Fusco, on Montecarlo Records, Michelangelo e il rinascimento (1971) on Canopo, and Eterogenea (1974) on Ayna Records.

Stefano Torossi - Eterogenea (1974) Ayna

Stefano Torossi – Eterogenea (1974) Ayna

“Sud America,” the last track by Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) on Un tema: Tante variazioni, a percussion-heavy piece of library music psychedelia, is here:

New Releases in 2015

Criminale, Vol. 4 – Violenza! has just been released as a limited edition LP-CD bundle and digital download by Penny Records. The compilation by David Nerattini at Flippermusic features eighteen tracks from the 1960s and 1970s found in the vaults of Flipper, a label that continues to be one of the most prolific in the production music industry. Daniela Casa, Stelvio Cipriani, and Piero Montanari each contribute a pair of tracks, and Remigio Ducros, has three compositions, including one with Massimo Catalano.

Criminale, Vol. 4 - Violenza! (2015) Penny Records

Criminale, Vol. 4 – Violenza! (2015) Penny Records

Among standout cuts on Criminale, Vol. 4 – Violenza! is “Fuorilegge,” a composition by Sandro Brugnolini, Catalano, Franco Tamponi, and Stefano Torossi that first appeared on Tamponi’s Un volto una storia LP released on Flower in 1972–and reissued as a digital download in 2011 by Pinball Music. Featuring a full orchestra, the large scale production was arranged by Tamponi, who also conducted the piece in the studio.

Franco Tamponi - Un volto una storia (1972) Flower

Franco Tamponi – Un volto una storia (1972) Flower

Sandro Brugnolini, Massimo Catalano, Franco Tamponi, and Stefano Torossi’s “Fuorilegge” is on YouTube:

In addition to the late May LP-CD release by Penny Records, Stefano Torossi has music on more than thirty digital compilations on at least six other labels through the first half of 2015 including Decibel Music, ExtraBall Records, GB Music, Lounge Music Cocktail, and Relaxing Music. Deneb Records also released a full length album, Planet Woman: Documentary – Drama – Lifestyle, a 2015 digital album originally issued in CD by Costanza Records as part of their Musica per commenti sonori series. More information about the 2015 releases is HERE.

Stefano Torossi Lupus Records Sampler Online

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) - Una tema: Tante variazioni (early 1970s) Lupus Records label

Fotriafa (aka Stefano Torossi) – Un tema: Tante variazioni (early 1970s) Lupus Records label

A compilation of Stefano Torossi’s compositions that originally appeared on his Lupus Records’ early 1970s trilogy including one more from Un tema: Tante variazioni, “America, America,” is online:

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