Composer-Saxophonist Sandro Brugnolini on The Modern Jazz Gang’s Miles Before And After (1960) and a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Making Albums with Stefano Torossi

Sandro Brugnolini (photo from

Bassist Kent Carter on the East Coast Jazz Scene in the Sixties, New Projects, and Recording Plaything in 2014 with Bill Elgart and Gianni Lenoci

a recent shot of Kent Carter (photo from discogs)

Soprano Edda Dell’Orso Discusses a Few Highlights from her Legendary Career in Italian Cinema

Edda Dell'Orso (photo from from Sogni di bambina (A Child's Dream) (2008) CD booklet)

Giacomo Dell’Orso on Working with Nico Fidenco on the Emmanuelle Films, Dell’Orso’s Special TG. (1975), and the Origin of the “Oscar Lindok” Alias

Giacomo Dell'Orso (photo from

Guitarist Federico Ferrandina Discusses Music Composed with Stefano Torossi on Guitarra (2009) and Fabulous Sixties: Make Love Not War (2010)

Federico Ferrandina

Guitarist Geoff Goodman on Musical Origins, Working with Charlie Mariano, and Making Three Albums with Drummer Bill Elgart including Jazz + Haiku in 2011

Geoff Goodman (

Vibraphonist-Band Leader Tom van der Geld on Founding Children At Play in the Early 70’s and Recording Four Albums with Them Including a Pair with Bill Elgart

Tom van der Geld (photo from

Bassist Meinrad Kneer on Making Music with Sequoia, Drummer Bill Elgart, and Running a Record Label in the Age of the Internet

Meinrad Kneer (photo by Lisa Haskins)

Pianist-Composer Gianni Lenoci On Several of His Recent Projects Including Plaything in 2014 with Kent Carter and Bill Elgart

Gianni Lenoci in the 2010s

Bassist Piero Montanari on His Classic 70s Library Music Tracks on Flipper Psychout (2010) and Making Ulysses (2009) With Stefano Torossi

a recent shot of Piero Montanari

David Nerattini on the Just-Released La Batteria (2015) Album and Working with Stefano Torossi in 1999

a recent shot of David Nerattini

Vocalist-Composer Valeria Nicoletta on Working With Stefano Torossi on Spiritual Experience (2001) and Vocal Emotions (2011)

recent photo of Valeria Nicoletta

Luca Proietti Discusses Arcadia (2013) and Making Five Full Length Albums with Stefano Torossi Between 1992 and 2014

Luca Proietti (in the studio in 2005)

Composer-Musician Tito Rinesi on Making Two Albums with Stefano Torossi in 1996 and the Indian Tomb (1921) Soundtrack Project

a recent photo of Tito Rinesi

Giovanni Tommaso on his First Trip to New York, Working with Chet Baker, and Making Bluegrass with Stefano Torossi

Giovanni Tommaso in 2007 (photo by Enrico Stefanelli)

Singer-Songwriter Jasmine Tommaso on Recording her Debut Album Listening Party


Pianist-Composer Vito Tommaso on Quartetto di Lucca, the Green Guitar Group, and Making Music with Stefano Torossi

Vito Tommaso (photo from Lucca Jazz Donna 2010)

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