A Whirlwinds’ Postcard from 1958

Here’s a special treat, a postcard received today… sent from Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds in 1958, from pianist Art Bearon to his parents:

Whirlwinds postcard from 1958 (courtesy of Luci Bearon)

Whirlwinds postcard from 1958 with Art Bearon, Harry Lewis, Brad Perry, Hap Snow, and Stefano Torossi (courtesy of Luci Bearon)

and the back side:

reverse side of Whirlwinds postcard from 1958 (courtesy of Luci Bearon)

reverse side of Whirlwinds postcard from 1958 (courtesy of Luci Bearon)

Thanks to Luci Bearon, Art’s sister, for this magical missive from the past.

And since this site is dedicated to the music created by Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds, whether during their tenure with the band or later in life, here’s another composition by Stefano Torossi, exactly ten years after the picture taken in the post card above. It’s an extended mix of the title track from his original soundtrack for Giuliano Biagetti’s 1968 film L’età del malessere (The Age of Malaise), which is also on the Italian Lounge Beat Party compilation put out by Black Cat Records in 2003 (BCR 0100 CD), among other places:

NOTE: This non-downloadable track is from my personal collection and is intended for reference and promotional purposes only. Please support the artist and label. If this is deemed to be potentially infringing material by a label or legal rights holder, upon notice said material will be removed immediately.

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