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Carlo Mombelli and Charlie Mariano, with Peter O'Mara and Bill Elgart - Happy Sad (1990) CD booklet

Peter O’Mara , Carlo Mombelli, Charlie Mariano, and Bill Elgart from Happy Sad (1990) ITM CD booklet

Carlo Mombelli and Charlie Mariano – Happy Sad 1990

“Remember Lucia” from Carlo Mombelli and Charlie Mariano’s Happy Sad (1990) with Bill Elgart and Peter O’Mara CD & Download ITM (970057):

Carlo Mombelli’s Abstractions – Dancing In A Museum 1993

The title track from Carlo Mombelli’s Abstractions’s Dancing In A Museum (1993) with Bill Elgart, Mick Goodrick, and Charlie Mariano CD ITM (ITMP970078):

Zollsound 4 feat. Lee Konitz – Open Hearts 1998

The title track from Zollsound 4 feat. Lee Konitz’s Open Hearts (1998) with Bill Elgart, Carlo Mombelli, and Thomas Zoller CD Enja Records (9123-2):

Klare, Platz, Kneer, Elgart – Modern Primitive 2011

“Puppet Party” from Jan Klare, Jeff Platz, Meinrad Kneer, and Bill Elgart’s Modern Primitive (2011) CD & Download Evil Rabbit Records (ERR 18):

Gianni Lenoci, Kent Carter, Bill Elgart – Plaything 2014

“Plaything” and “Contusion” from Gianni Lenoci, Kent Carter, and Bill Elgart’s Plaything (2014) LP & Download NoBusiness Records (NBLP 17):

Christian Hassenstein Trio – Cause & Consequence 2017

Excerpt from the Christian Hassenstein Trio’s Cause & Consequence (2017) CD available for pre-order from DJAMtones (DT1012):

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