Part II: More from the Musicians Who Created “She”

The musicians who recorded “She” for Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds in 1963 continued to make music after the dissolution of the band three years later. Here are a few more songs from Billy Elgart, Michael Kaye, and James K. Snow after they left Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds.

Hap Snow's Whirlwinds circa 1963

Michael Kaye, Steve James, James K. “Hap” Snow, and Frankie Mento, circa 1963

Bill Elgart

Bill Elgart, also known as Billy Elgart, recorded “Big Foot” on the 1970 album Paul Bley with Gary Peacock (video includes majority of track):

Here’s the title track from the 1991 Roland Heinz album “Heavy Mental,” with Leszek Zadlo, Barre Phillips, Heinz, and Elgart:

This video features Ab Baars, Meinrad Kneer, and Elgart live at the Kaleidophon in Ulrichsberg, Austria in May 2013:

Michael Kaye

Michael Kaye’s rendition of the Big Bopper’s “Chantilly Lace” was done live at a function in 2009:

This video for “Leader of the Band” uses a solo rehearsal from a home studio recording also done around 2009:

Hap Snow

In the late 1960‘s, Hap Snow formed a band composed of current and former middle school students. Around 1975, they recorded an original song by Beverly Amaral, “Think Back”:

Class featuring James K. Snow also did their version of the traditional American folk standard, “Jesse James,” which like “Think Back” showcases Karen Reilly on lead vocals:

YouTube Playlist

The following playlist highlights the music of the band members of Hap Snow’s Whirlwinds from 1958 to the present. This music, arranged chronologically, includes rock and roll, bop, groovy beats, Broadway tunes, pop, New Age, and folk among other genres: